Where did it go?

Summer appears to have come and very quickly gone here in Wellytown. I can count about 5 days since the start of December when it has been sunny and still. As I write there are gale force winds abound, and heavy rain. Don’t get me wrong, its not cold. If it were it would be exactly like winter.

I’m trying not to let it get me down. But you know the drill, yes parts of winter are lovely, but you look forward to a nice stretch of sunny days. We have a beautiful deck that wraps around our apartment. I was able to spend about fifteen minutes on it the other day, then the wind picked up and my hat blew up and away. I like many here, are hoping that the weather improves, as most other parts of New Zealand are experiencing lovely sunny weather.

I’ve got a rather large pile of books from the library to get into, and other things to organise on my resolution list. But I just want to be outside this time of year. I have a quiet week lined up social wise. It’s mainly a work and gym week this week. It might do me some good to take myself off to a movie mid week. And enjoy the fact that although the weather is truly horrible., I can still wear shorts.


One response to “Where did it go?

  1. Living in Vancouver, I know all about the ridiculous rain. 🙂 We don’t really get wind though. You’re right! At least it’s warm!

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