From the floor to the wall

I got my tidy and organise mojo on today, except for the table next to my bedroom door in the corner there…

I ALWAYS have paper on my floor – notes, mail, lists, timetables etc. If I had a study, I’d put them all on a corkboard, or just on the wall. So today I decided in the merriment of organising, there was nothing stopping me on putting me on the wall behind the door, as that part of the wall can only be seen when my bedroom door is closed. Score for the geeky wall!

My geeky wall includes!

  • postcards – i love them, and love receiving them. When friends go away I always ask for them to send one, even if they are just traveling around NZ. I received a surprise postcard from the lovely Phil a couple of months back, and it just happened on the day I got it I had been having quite a bad day, it made my day!
  • advertising cards – random ones from about town
  • yoga timetables – i will find time to go again
  • training timetable – my general one
  • the other training timetable -for this
  • photographs – i heart them
  • food plan – hopefully will help having it in more places than my diary

I also noticed today whilst tidying up how much more plastic we had than I thought, containers, bottles, covering, and bags.


For something completely different i’m heading to another part of the country tomorrow morning to celebrate the first few days of new year with friends. I can’t wait. The weather here has only just picked up in the last couple of days, and there is usually very good weather in the bay, so fingers crossed.

I’m also doing the primal stride five @ five which should be fun, though I’m kind of hoping there are not too many late nights in the next few days…ha!

Be good, and Happy New Year!


One response to “From the floor to the wall

  1. Ooh, I’d better make sure I send another one then 😀 Happy new year! x

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