Plastic Plastic Everywhere

I normally have the usual resolutions, get rid of more weight, don’t eat so much cake, cupcakes, the usual. I don’t currently have a list for 2010 running about in my head, however.

I will be more kind to the environment!

I used to be very good especially when buying groceries to bring reusable bags pretty much every time. Now, never, maybe twice this past year, if that. Insane. I still don’t put my fruit and veg in the little plastic bags, they all go in my basket – so that is better than nothing, but still!

In the last few weeks I have switched our dishwasher powder over to something more friendly and will be doing the same when our other cleaning and household products run out. Plus the local organics shop from what I remember has a system, where you can come in and refill your empty containers with new powder etc, so that’s a bonus! It’s quite easy to do, and in my apartment I’m the person in charge of the flat account, so as long as my other two housemates have access to the goods, all is good. It really isn’t going to cost that much more in the long run. And they are not HUGE changes, but in effect they WILL make a difference.

My plastic drink bottles should get replaced with something akin to this.

And those plastic bags with these.

I’m sure there are plenty of more things I could do around the house, or even at work. I should compile a list.

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts…


One response to “Plastic Plastic Everywhere

  1. I brought grocery bags this year and I feel so much better using them! Great idea for a new years resolution!

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