Sacred Scent

I bought a box of peonies for a birthday I went to this afternoon. I saw them in the florist earlier in the week, white, soft, and unusual. With no idea of the scent, due to the almost overwhelming aromas in the florist I ordered a box, but added pink blooms to the order. I picked them up this morning, the scent is divine. I caught the birthday guest unaware this afternoon her head buried in  them and smiling quietly to herself as she picked up the perfume.

After a run of bad weather, the sun came out today. This morning, I went for a long run up to one of the lookouts over the city, there was no breeze, and a little cloud. I stopped myself coming back down for a moment, just to take it all in, the water before me, and the peaks all around, it is so lush here, I never realised how dry it was when I was living in Australia, now I am so used to the green and lush landscape.

I hope the warm weather lasts, and that summer has arrived, and that flowers fill my life for however brief the moment, over and over again.


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