Balancing Act

My new job, won’t be as flexible as my current one. No more gym at lunch, no matter how up to date I am. I’m guessing here. But it is super old school, I think. But I am going to need to much more organised and selective in what I do and when I do it.

I want to include, running, yoga and swimming. Along with what my trainer gives me. But I also want to be more social than I normally would be during these cooler months. And my eating needs to be pulled in, serious.

I have the time, I can make it happen.


Slowly does it

I feel like I’ve neglected this space, although I’m not sure if it’s having that much traffic…no matter. Whoever stops by, thanks!

Just between you and me, I’ve kind of set this year to start making real changes in my life. Looking more at myself in my positive light, and be more honestly, myself. It’s a slow process, but it’s getting there.

One of the most positive changes I’ve made (or jinxing free will make next week) is in my work life. After quite a stressful and angst ridden almost 2 years at my current job I’ve decided to move on, and applied for and have been offered a new job in a related area but much more specialised. I sign forms etc next week, and will begin shortly after Easter break. I’m rather excited. But I do have so much to do before I finish up at my current work.

I’m also staving off flu currently, awesome, you know with the weekend and all. On a more positive note, tomorrow is Friday 🙂

Preparing for hibernation

I’m currently in a slump about winter approaching, its only just Autumn. Half of me looks forward to colder wintery nights, the other more sensible but meh half is wondering what on earth there is to enjoy! I think I just miss the light, more than the warmth.

So I’m going to prepare slowly so when it comes, it won’t be such of a huge deal. This prep won’t overtake me learning to enjoy autumn though, as I don’t want to keep not living in the moment. So I’m just going to focus on being organised.

The Pantry I’m going to slowly stock up on things dry goods to go in soups, and collect and search for hearty and healthy recipes. And just build up on stocks, and rice, and dry goods, along with saving vegie tops to make stocks. Lots of pulses, lentils, beans. And some meat in bulk now and again. I want to try and go to the market once a week and stock up on fruit and veg, unless it is absolutely pouring with rain! and I mean pouring. And look into planting herbs for winter! Not sure how they will survive in our wind tunnel of a balcony, but i’ll try!

Clothing My jacket that I bought when I first moved here, is waay to big, and it was too big last year. If one thing to get this year, it will be a new rain and windproof jacket. And maybe some ear muffs! And a nice warm wrap or something to wear in the office for the times when it gets cold in there.

Electricity Bill The dryer is going to get a crazy workout over winter, but I also want to try and reasonably dry as much as I can on our drying rack, sometimes this just isn’t possible as our lounge room takes ages with our heater to warm up. We need to use our heating in winter, we do, no double glazing, and an very airy but not damp house means that, the ONE heater we do have gets a damn good workout. Previous times I’ve tried not to bring it out of the cupboard until the last minute, I’ll do the same this year. And try and turn it off a little sooner at night. And try not to sneak it into my bedroom, when everyone else has gone to bed… I’m also going to call our electricity company to see how much winter cost us last year so we can slowly build up the flat account to cover the cost rather than get hit with the cost 😦

Training I’m planning on running my first ever half marathon toward the end of June. So i’ll be doing alot of running outside. Hmm, will need to purchase some wet weather, and cold weather gear for that! But yeah, just getting outside, and finding different things to focus on, so things don’t become mundane with my training. I raced my first 7km almost two weeks ago, and I need to switch my training about and stuff.

Now I just need to look at Autumn and find things to enjoy for that, yeah I’m really not a cold weather person. I would be if there was double glazing and central heating, but no, that does not happen here!

Things I love Thursday

  • My new envirosax I love it! It rolls up into the palm of my hand, has a snap button to close it in place. And it’s HUGE! I don’t think I’d ever need more than two!
  • Selling off my old bed, and the old old bed I used when I first moved here. Talk about cleaning the garage out! They both will be gone by the weekend.
  • My new room. I’ve been working on organising things, and all is going to plan. I will post before and after photos when the transformation is complete.
  • Swim squad. Ah, I’m a slow fish, but a fish nonetheless.
  • Banana bread, toasted. Seriously never thought about toasting it, ever.
  • Gardening. I’ve been thinking, not doing yet. I have a wind prone balcony. Hmm.
  • Mr Newmans Organic Peanut Butter Cups-they do not sell them in NZ 😦 But people keep talking about them. I hold out hope!
  • Sleep-ins. I’ve been making an effort to get my 8 hours sleep even if it means I get into work later, I just stay later to make up for it.

Where did it go?

Summer appears to have come and very quickly gone here in Wellytown. I can count about 5 days since the start of December when it has been sunny and still. As I write there are gale force winds abound, and heavy rain. Don’t get me wrong, its not cold. If it were it would be exactly like winter.

I’m trying not to let it get me down. But you know the drill, yes parts of winter are lovely, but you look forward to a nice stretch of sunny days. We have a beautiful deck that wraps around our apartment. I was able to spend about fifteen minutes on it the other day, then the wind picked up and my hat blew up and away. I like many here, are hoping that the weather improves, as most other parts of New Zealand are experiencing lovely sunny weather.

I’ve got a rather large pile of books from the library to get into, and other things to organise on my resolution list. But I just want to be outside this time of year. I have a quiet week lined up social wise. It’s mainly a work and gym week this week. It might do me some good to take myself off to a movie mid week. And enjoy the fact that although the weather is truly horrible., I can still wear shorts.

six places I can’t be sad in

the library

the pool

in the sun

the beach


in the florist

for some reason it’s where happiness finds me

Where does it find you?

From the floor to the wall

I got my tidy and organise mojo on today, except for the table next to my bedroom door in the corner there…

I ALWAYS have paper on my floor – notes, mail, lists, timetables etc. If I had a study, I’d put them all on a corkboard, or just on the wall. So today I decided in the merriment of organising, there was nothing stopping me on putting me on the wall behind the door, as that part of the wall can only be seen when my bedroom door is closed. Score for the geeky wall!

My geeky wall includes!

  • postcards – i love them, and love receiving them. When friends go away I always ask for them to send one, even if they are just traveling around NZ. I received a surprise postcard from the lovely Phil a couple of months back, and it just happened on the day I got it I had been having quite a bad day, it made my day!
  • advertising cards – random ones from about town
  • yoga timetables – i will find time to go again
  • training timetable – my general one
  • the other training timetable -for this
  • photographs – i heart them
  • food plan – hopefully will help having it in more places than my diary

I also noticed today whilst tidying up how much more plastic we had than I thought, containers, bottles, covering, and bags.


For something completely different i’m heading to another part of the country tomorrow morning to celebrate the first few days of new year with friends. I can’t wait. The weather here has only just picked up in the last couple of days, and there is usually very good weather in the bay, so fingers crossed.

I’m also doing the primal stride five @ five which should be fun, though I’m kind of hoping there are not too many late nights in the next few days…ha!

Be good, and Happy New Year!